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Setting tasks by voice through a separate application in the phone

Voice recognition and text conversion

Works with services such as: Jira, Bitrix24, HubSpot, Aha!

Simplifies the method of setting the task

Start the task with a voice command

Attaches a voice file to the task

Task notifications and performance reminders


Setting tasks by voice through messengers

In response to the director comes a link to the created task

Works with messengers such as: Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype

Allows you to set the details of the task:


Task completion time



Setting tasks by voice through the browser

Record videos and set tasks directly in the browser

Works in the most popular browser Google Chrome

Allows you to set tasks directly in the browser:

Select the required text

Attach files

Record video

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2Task are qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field of information technology. The company’s products make people’s lives easier and more efficient. The company is evolving every day and trying to implement new effective solutions for human communication.

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