Talk2Task for Aha!

Application allows you to set tasks using the voice commands directly into Aha!. Manage projects remotely, assign tasks to employees in the most convenient way – click and talk! Increase your own productivity. Save the time with Talk2Task.

Try all Talk2Task benefits during the day for free. The Demo mode turns on only when you start to set the task. Time you spend on connecting to Aha is not including in the demonstration period


Easy to use and includes step-by-step instructions

Set an unlimited number of tasks. Choose the monthly subscription, for 6 months, or for a year and use the app without any limits

Multi- language. You can use English, Ukrainian, or Russian to set the tasks. If you need the other language to be supported, please contact us

Modern and reliable voice recognition technology

View tasks before saving, add details by text or voice

Attach photos using camera or gallery. Automatically attach your message record 

How it works

  1. Set up the app and connect it to your Aha! account. You don’t need to have any technical skills to do that, follow the step-by-step instruction.
  2. Choose the language you need to set a task.
  3. Click the “Microphone” button and:
    – tell who is responsible for the task
    – say what you want to be done
    – set the due date

The application will convert your voice message to text and send it into Aha automatically.